Updates 2022

Updates 2022
New Rules And Regulations

Dear (potential) Customers, 

On January 4, 2022, new rules and regulations regarding tattoo inks have come into effect. The changes reflect growing concern about the safety of tattoo inks. In The Netherlands the Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit set up the Warenwetbesluit tattoeagekleurstoffen according to the EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)  guidelines for tattoo inks. By law we are responsible that the inks we use are safe. We make sure that we know what chemicals are in the inks we use. And we keep a record of the ingredients in our shop.

We continue to adhere to the rules and regulations on hygiene and safety. Hence we now only use inks that meet the rules and regulations. Because of new requirements these inks are more expensive than the old inks. 

We encourage you to also check out information about chemicals in tattoo inks for yourself. We will discuss with you during the initial consult what ingredients the inks we use contain. And we will ask you whether you have any allergies. We will also ask you to confirm that we discussed the ink we use with you via your signature on the client consent form.

At the moment, not all colours that were at our disposal before the new rules took effect are available. However, as you are well aware, all colours are a mixture of the primary colors, magenta, yellow and blue. By mixing the primary colours we can make any colour you want in your tattoo. Therefore, no worries if a specific colour you want is not available in a pre-mixed form, we will mix it for you. We have ample knowledge about and experience with colour theory.

As you know, inflation is on the rise. All has become more expensive, including the high quality materials we always use. Due to the change of regulations for tattoo inks their cost has increased considerably. Therefore, we have increased our prices.

Kind Regards,

Dermadonna Custom Tattoos  Team