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We are a high-end tattoo shop, that delivers world class custom tattoos to its clients. We maintain the highest standard for our tattoo designs and our tattoo work. We do not make concessions on the quality of our work.

We provide custom tattoos. We work with you so that you get a unique design that is tailored to your ideas about the art you want to have on your body. That means we do not use off-the-shelf designs but sit down with you to design the tattoo you want. We do that based on your wishes and our artistical insights and knowledge about tattooing. All of that keeping in mind the limitations of the human body and the specific location where you wish the tattoo to be placed.

Hygiene is of paramount importance to us. Good hygiene ensures an optimal healing process after we have placed the tattoo. We make sure we do everything in our shop to provide hygienic conditions. But you also have a responsibility in that regard. Be clean when you come to our shop and follow our aftercare instructions. Aftercare is extremely important to the healing process and to how good your tattoo will look after it is healed.

We want each one of our clients to get our full attention. That requires us to structure the interaction with our clients. We start with an initial consult to discuss what it is you want. And, if possible, to make a first sketch of the design, on paper or directly on your skin. This initial consult is free and will take around 45 minutes. After the consult we will prepare a design which will be presented to you in time for you to review and suggest minor adjustments to the design. The tattoo will be placed on you on the before-agreed date and time. We need to be strict about this schedule to be able to give each of our clients the attention and time they deserve.

We want you and us to be proud of the tattoo we have placed on your body. Not only when you walk out of our shop, but also after one year and in 20 years.

  • Step by step from idea to a tattoo on your body:
    You develop an idea for the tattoo on your body. The clearer picture of your tattoo the easier we can translate it into an actual design. Find picture material to explain what you want, make a first sketch of it, or be able to describe the idea. Please also have an idea about where you want the tattoo to be placed on your body.
  • Make an appointment for the initial consult
  • The initial consult. We sit down with you to discuss your idea of what the tattoo should look like. We talk about where you want it placed on your body. Keep in mind that the human body is not a flat surface. That means that we will have to find, together with you, the correct place for the tattoo. The position on your body that best matches your desires and that will work with the design. The initial consult will last about 45 minutes. And we will give you an indication of the cost of the entire tattoo, including the design. At the end of the consult you need to decide whether you want us to design and place the tattoo on you. If you decide to engage us, we will make the appointment for the time we will place the tattoo on you. When we make the appointment, we expect a down payment from you to cover the time we spend on preparing the definitive design. The downpayment will be included into the total cost of your tattoo.
  • We prepare a definitive design for your tattoo. We will start the design process once we have received the down payment from you.
  • During this phase we will present to you our design that we have made based on the information we have discussed during the initial consult. You may suggest minor changes at this time, which we will work into the design. Major changes are also possible, but we will need to charge you for the extra time we have to spend reworking the design to accommodate your new ideas. It is for this reason we ask you to please think carefully about the tattoo you want on your body. The clearer you are about what you want, the smoother the design process, and the less we need to charge you for the design.
  • You and us confirm the date and time for placing the tattoo on you. The down payment from you functions to secure the agreed upon time. If you need to cancel or change the time of the appointment, please notify us 72 hours ahead of the agreed upon time. If you notify us later about changes you forfeit your down payment. We will schedule a new appointment with you, for which you need to make another down payment to secure the new time.
  • We place the tattoo on you. We cannot stress enough that you need to be on time for your appointment. If you are too late, we will not let de appointment run later than the agreed upon time. If the tattoo is not finished at that time, you will have to make a new appointment with us. We need to be strict about this as there are many clients who desire a tattoo from us. Time overruns will impact our ability to pay full attention to the next client. We are sure you also do not want to be that next client that does not get our full attention because the client before you did not show up on time for his/her appointment. We expect you to pay for the work we did on you before you leave our shop. Please make sure you can make the payment at the end of the tattoo session. If your tattoo requires multiple sessions, we expect you to pay for each session separately.

Payments can either be made in cash, or via a direct deposit into our bank account. Payment via PayPal is also possible. We don’t accept creditcard payments.